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Passed PhD Qualification Exams!

Josh Sullivan's picture

The Stanford Aero/Astro PhD qualification exams started up on May 6th, and ended on May 12th.  Each student taking the exam had to choose a major subject and two minor subjects, as well as give a presentation on current research efforts.  I began my quals process with a presentation to Prof. Steve Rock, Prof. Sigrid Close, and Prof. Simone D'Amico on my research in angles-only relative navigation between non-cooperative space resident objects.  Over the next few days, I took part in oral examinations on Fluid Mechanics and Aerospace Structures for my minor topics.  On the final day of quals I conducted my major panel in Dynamics and Controls.  At the end of the last day, I got the great news that I had passed the exam process and would officially begin my PhD candidacy under Professor D'Amico in the Space Rendezvous Lab!